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Intervale Stove Shop offers a wide range of generators from top brands like Generac and Kohler. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable and efficient backup power solutions for their homes. We understand the importance of having a backup generator in case of power outages. It can be frustrating and inconvenient to suddenly lose power, especially during extreme weather conditions or emergencies. Our expert team at Intervale Stove Shop can help you select the right size and type of generator for your home.

Products & Installation

KOHLER® Generator

The KOHLER generator stands out as the most powerful, quiet, and customizable option, offering seamless integration with home energy systems for continuous, reliable power during outages. It ensures a seamless transition back to utility power, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted comfort. KOHLER generators feature commercial-grade engines designed for high performance, not just standby use.

Generac Generator

Generac leads the home backup generator industry, introducing the 24kW Air-Cooled Home Standby Generator. This addition showcases breakthrough technology with unmatched power in a compact design, occupying 70% less space than competitors. It’s a space-efficient, powerful backup solution for homeowners worldwide, highlighting Generac’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Ready when you need it.